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So I don't want to make another three page intro so- Here's my makeup collection, i hope you'll like it. No hate, this isn't a brag all of this makeup was bought by my on money or I got it for a birthday or holiday. Enjoy!

Here's a overview:
So it's sort of a vanity, not really, In the first two sections under the top I have my hair stuff like bandanas, bows, hair-ties and head-bands. In the right one I have my makeup bags that I use for traveling mostly. In the baskets I just have stuff for cleaning my brushes, some EOS balms and boxes from some makeup.

This is my mirror and I bought it on  Amazon, and I really love it. It has a little container on the bottom but I didn't really know what to put there.  It's a great to sided classic vanity mirror, not mush. If you want to buy it too, click this link.
This is the overview of were my makeup is. I don't really have a crazy big collection but it's what I need.
On top of this container I just have my 120 Eyeshadow palette witch I use a lot. If you wnat to buy this palette (only in Serbia, sorry) click this link. If you don't live in Serbia you can google it, i'm sure you'll find it,
The container was originally bought with two parts but i took the other one off of the top so I could have a good pace for my palette. To buy this container on Amazon , click this link. 
This is what I have in first two drawers. The bronzer is Luxe by Avon and it was included in my Avon Haul.The concealer is also  Avon  and was also in the same haul (here).
The eyeshadow singles include Essence, Avon, Cover Girl  and  Deborah.
The third drawer contains my mascaras, by eyelash curler and a pair of tweezers. I have a lot of mascaras, I don't really think anyone requires six mascaras but I have them anyway. Mascaras include maybelline, Oriflame, Essence, MaxFactor and  Estee Lauder. The curler is Oriflame's VeryMe and tweezers are just from a drugstore.

And in the last drawer I have my L.A. Girl Brick Blush collection palette in  Pinky. I did a review on this witch you can check out by clicking this link. And if you want to buy this palette click this link.
I also have my eyeliners and eyeliner sharpener here. I don't really have a bunch on eyeliners, I have two black eyeliner, one purple, one white and a turquoise gel liner. The brands include Essence, Elizabeth Arden, Bourjois  and  GoldenRose.

And now the other section.

And here is the lipstick section. I'm not really  lipstick person so I don't really have much but I have as much as I need, I might buy a few more. The brands include Nabi, Oriflame, Maybelline, Rosal and VeryMe. In the corner I have a makeup blender.
Now my "everyday" section. It's not really everyday more like what I always and first use. I have my primer, witch I did a review on here, my beauty blender, my concealer from  MaxFactor  called  Pan Stick  witch is the best thing ever, you need to go buy it, an a foundation. I only use this one foundation because I don't see the point of having twenty foundations. I just don't.

And here are those three lip glosses. I almost never use lip glosses that is why I have only these. The brands are Essence, Oriflame and   Don Juan.

Here are my brushes. I have just enough if you ask me. I have the total of let's see.... fifteen? Sixteen? One of the two. I have multiple brands here so I won't list them.

Unfortunately this is the end of my makeup collection. Did you have as much fun as I did? Let me know in the comments below, check out my other posts, follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Google+, and also press on of the buttons on your lest to share/pin/like this blog. Join this blog too so you never miss an update. 

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  1. I am impressed by your collection especially the shads of lip colors are so good. I like to collect lip colors and I have them in almost every shade from different brands.

  2. Your make up storage boxes are more attractive than the make up items itself. The table is well arranged and you have not to add any decorations it loos so beautiful itself.


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