Avon Makeup Haul 2015 (Review)

So I bought some makeup at Avon about a month ago and I decided to review it and show you what I got. I ordered it and it came to me pretty fast. I didn't really go crazy, I just ordered some stuff I knew I'll need.
 So, before I start this, just wanna tell you i also ordered one of those two color eye shadows it was purple and gray and I used it a few times, wasn't very pigmented and that disappointed me, but it was good enough for the cheep price you pay tho. I was really unhappy when it COMPLETELY broke after a week maybe. The colors broke in two parts first, but each was in at least 5-7 pieces and it was horrible so I just threw it away. I didn't keep it, is what I'm trying to say, so it isn't here.

So this is a powdery bronzer,  on the box it says it's a "powder effect" bronzer but that's it right? It came in a pretty gold box, outside it's just a shiny gold. It says LUXE on the product and it opens easily when you realize not to hold the top when you open it. It has a really good mirror witch was a nice surprise! I like this bonzer very much because it looks so natural and the color is great for my skin tone (light and pale). Altogether I am really happy with this bronzer and glad I bought it.


This also came in a nice box, it was black and purple lace design if I remember well. Outside it's just black with carved in AVON on top. opens easily and the entire outside look is great. 
Here's the inside (Sorry about number 4, I ruined it with my finger, tried fixing it, see how it (didn't) work). It comes with a sponge applicator but I recommend using brushes for a better look. In the box you get a little adviser thing showing you some looks were shadows are shown by numbers. I didn't use it, but I gave it a look and it seemed good enough. Colors are nice, blend in well and I am happy with this color, but when you order you can chose the same pallet in various colors (This one was about to sell out and seemed nice, happy with the color) . I really like the color number 3, really pretty brown-gold shade. Only the mirror isn't as good as the bronzer one (above) but I am happy with this product too!


This one came in a plastic wrapper, but I didn't really mind the packaging. It is a nice pack, good size and affordable price.I took the light one but you have a few colors to chose from.
When you first get it it is shaped like a lipstick but mine is used (as the rest of the makeup in this review) so i tried at least giving it a round shape). It is a really good concealer for the price. I used Max Factor's Pan Stick before witch costs so much more and is bigger, but this one worked as good. I also have a Deborah 24ORE Perfect ( 02 Light Rose ) one and ( colors are very different ) it is just a little better than this Avon one. In pic below you see both of them ( Deborah right, Avon left) . At the top I blended it, at the bottom I just applied it.
To me it just looks like the same concealer in different colors. Deborah one stays just a little bit longer, but it feels kinda heavy on my skin tho. I like this product and it really works for me, but if yo have a lot to cover up you should think about it.


So, bought the matte one, but you can buy illumifying (I think that's what it's called!?) one. You can chose from a few colors, I chose the nude one and it worked for me. My friend is using the not matte one (let's just call it that) because she has dry skin and she says it is very good too.
So you have a little pump when you take the top off and I like that when you press it doesn't throw out a "pond" of makeup, but just a little bit so you can not use too much and look like a Barbie. It is very hydrating and feels light on your skin. It's a medium coverage foundation so, again, If you have a lot of discoloration on your skin consider buying more expensive foundations, because this won't cover it all. For me it's great ( i'm a teenager btw) even without concealer underneath.
So, see the color? It is a little darker than my skin tone but when I blend it in (i recommend a beauty blender or just a makeup sponge) it looks great.

Sorry I can't remember the name but you can find it in a catalog I'm sure! So... LOVE it. It's soft, very beautiful , matte  (I love matte) and inexpensive. I use it for applying  bronzer,translucent powder  and blush. You can probably use it for face powder too.
I am super pleased with this brush and I think everyone should have it in their makeup collection.

I hope you liked the review, ask me down below if you have more questions and share this blog. 

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