Make Your Lashes Look Thicker & Longer - Makeup Trick!

So.. Seems pretty good doesn't it? Is it true? Can it be?- you wonder. Yes. Yes it can.
This has been going around the internet for some time, you could've seen it on Pinterest but I was so happy I found a way of making my lashes look supernatural that I had to share it here!
For this you only need two things - your favorite mascara and baby powder (or translucent powder).

 Here's a BEFORE picture. Now, take your powder and apply it on with you finger or a brush. Start were the lashes do and finish were they end. Now take your brush and apply mascara.
TIP:  For a better look blink into your mascara brush - Open your eye and hold the brush, barely touching your lash. Now blink until it's covered in mascara and looks good enough.
Now look at the BEFORE&AFTER photo:

I'm sorry if pictures are a little blurry , I tried sharpening them and improving clarity but this is the best I could do, 
Hoped you liked this trick and let me know if you want more tricks because I have some more up my sleeve ;) 
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 P.S. I used two mascaras when I took these photos : Essences Get BIG Lashes Triple BLACK Mascara and   Oriflame Beauty 2FX Mascara in color black. And, I didn't curl my lashes in neither of pictures above.

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