Essence Eye (Kajal?!) Pencil Review - Black & White

So, I don't know what kajal means... But that is the name of this product so I still put it in the title.
We are getting closer to the New Year!!! I just wanted to tell you guys exactly what NY themed blogs  will be posting so you know where to look if you need these.
On the twenty fifth I have an event so I will be doing my nails - fake nails at home DIY; and I will be filming a makeup tutorial. The colors will most likely be mauves and nudes so you know what to expect. If anyone was wandering why am I not doing more tuts, it's because they are very hard to picture properly and take awfully long to edit. But, I am working on one other apart from the New Years tutorial s don't worry.
Now lets review the eye pencil....


L'oreal Paris New Extraordinary Oil - Review

Ever since I've started ironing my hair I started to notice it's getting, like, really dry, so I've been using oils and like six conditioners to repair the damage. Last week I got this oil and I decided to do a review on it, since it is a relatively new product.


Essence Lipliner First Impressions + Where have I been?!

I could make this intro last forever but I will cut it very short. First, I had technical difficulties,  then school started and I was occupied. Then I had to fix my grades and then I was waiting for Google Friend Connect to be king enough to work, but no. It didn't. So, if you have any problem with joining this blog, blame them. And, I am so sorry for not posting. I will try to post as often as I can manage.
You can expect another review/first impressions until the end of the week. I am also preparing some New year's eve advice and tutorials for you so I can't wait until it's time for you to see that. Now, let's talk about this lip pen.


Pastel Vintage Inspiration + Huge Apology

Hey! So let me start of with the apology. I didn't post I KNOW  and that's because tomorrow I'm traveling to Greece and staying for a week. I *gasp* won't post until the NEXT weekend *another gasp* . I wasn't planing to post today neither but I decided I really had too. Really. So here is a pastel-vintage Inspiration post. Enjoy and forgive xo.


Best & Worst Ways Of Applying Foundation

So I've been thinking. A lot of people use a lot of different methods to apply their foundation. But we all have trouble choosing the right one. That's why I decided to write this blog to help you find the best way for you.


Back To School | Beauty Edition Tips & Tricks

Before we start the intro, I have to APOLOGIZE for not posting for three and a half days. I've been out of town, as you may or may not know, so I didn't post but yesterday I've had some technical difficulties so I wasn't able to post then neither. I'm am SO SORRY.
As you know for us beauty & fashion bloggers BTS season starts a little early so the first one I decided to post are these tips & tricks. I hope you enjoy them and that you don't hate me for not posting.


My Makeup Collection & Storage

So I don't want to make another three page intro so- Here's my makeup collection, i hope you'll like it. No hate, this isn't a brag all of this makeup was bought by my on money or I got it for a birthday or holiday. Enjoy!

How To Use Kabuki Brushes? 5 Different brushes and 5 Different Uses

In my post 7 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Makeup Collection I said a few things about kabuki brushes. But I realized that many people don't know how to use them, witch was unbelievable
to me because I know exactly how to use each one of them. So i decided to teach you. 

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