Get Ready With Me - Easy Summer Glam Makeup Look

So , here comes my first GRWM blog ! I was kinda excited but I just couldn't get my camera to focus nicely so.. sorry about that :/ But, tell me in comments what you think, If you want to see more blogs like this I'll be happy to do them. Do them? Is that right? Okay, idk... Enjoy :D

So it was 38C (degrees celsius) today and I decided to do a blog on how to do a easy, pretty and kinda glam makeup look for summer. This was just supposed to be called Easy Summer Makeup, but I realized it looked pretty glam, because of the bronzer and easy eye look.
So, first I just applied my Max Factor - Pan Stick concealer on my "problem" areas. I blended it in with a sponge and put some Oriflame Pro Studio Artist translucent powder on, because I love wearing translucent powder, especially in summer, I feel like it helps my face be less oily I guess....
Than I put on my Avon Luxe bronzer.
So first I put it on my forehead and than I put some on the side of my brush and put it under my cheekbone.
And I apologize for my hair, as I said, It was really hot and I needed natural lighting so I sat in front of a giant window while taking pictures and because my hair is actually curly but I straighten it it started curling up so... Sorry.
After applying bronzer I gently blended it it in and filled in my eyebrows with a brown eye shadow (I'm not sure what brand it was, but it could've been from the Oriflame Pure palette ) and a Elizabeth Arden brush.
Than I just applied my Essence Get BIG Lashes mascara in black and the look was finished.
I have this mascara for some time now and it's pretty good, I've been using it a lot that's why it looks so weird on the pic... 
I hope you liked this post <3 I am working on a makeup collection blog so I'll probably post it  around the end of July. 
Stay well,

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