Bonus Blog : Bioten SKINNERGY Break Free Mattifying Gel Cream:REVIEW

So, this is my first Bonus Blog  and I want to let you know what it actually is. Bonus Blogs will be extra weekly blogs. When I have already posted my weekly blog but I have more topics for the week, I'll post a Bonus Blog. They won't always be connected to the blog theme, they will be like surprises since you won't know If there's gonna be one and when is it going to be.

A few months ago I bought this cream, and it was still kind of a new product when I did, but I read reviews online and and decided to buy it.

I use this as an makeup primer and I think it's pretty good. I didn't notice any huge changes but it's for sure better than just putting makeup on my face because it doesn't get into my pores that much.
Sometimes I put on my face before I go to sleep and in the morning my skin looks better.
But, I remember using it for the first time and it was a little sample I got in a magazine and it was really good, my skin was less oily and I decided to buy the product.
It has SPF 15 and I think it's good to have factor under your makeup, just so you don' get stains from using makeup and than being exposed to sun.
Unfortunately I could just try this one, other two are for different skin types and no one I know uses those.
Bioten creams are made out of natural ingredients and are very good and healthy or your skin.
I hope you liked this review and that I helped you decide if you'll buy this product. I do recommend  it, but if you have super oily skin you might wanna reconsider using creams on your face at all.

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