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I was doing some cleaning this morning, witch included reorganizing my vanity, so I decided to show you guys how you can easily and quickly, without any supplies, sort your nail polish bottles.

First, find a space big enough for your nail polish. I have a space  were a basket is supposed to go, but I took it out because I didn't like how it all looked and it was useful fore something else.
This is how it looked. Now, Let's sort this out!

First, pick the way you want to sort them. I chose to sort them by color and usage, but you can sort them by brand, amount left, size...
First, I took my clear top coats and sorted them by usage.
Then, I took my sparkly top coats and also sorted them by usage.
After that, I took my French Manicure polishes (Nude and white) and put them next to the polishes I put previously.
Next to that I put my Pinks. I sorted them by color (lightest-darkest).
Than I just put a purple one and a brownish color, because I only have one of each.
After that, I just put my blues, sorted by usage.
At the end, I just put my green nail polish and blacks, witch I sorted by usage too.
And, for the very end, I just took some nail decoration stuff and put it in the back.
So, That is my finished Nail Polish Organization! I hope you liked it, If you have any questions let me know and also tell me if you think I should do a Nail Polish Collection because I would be happy to!
 Stay well,

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