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First I wanna thank you guys for all the attention you've been giving me for the past month, and also tell you we've reached our first 100 pageviews ! It might seem like it's not big deal, but it is to me.
If you want to find out how I got this look, click on the Read More button below!

These are the brushes I used:
Number one is a Oriflame brush, number two is a unnamed brand and number three is a Elizabet Arden brush.

First you just wanna color your eyebrows I just used the same eyeshadow as I always do and then I applied my Deborah 24ORE concealer as an eyeshadow primer.
I put this Cover Girl eyeshadow in a very light, sparkly pink-beige color on my lid as a base using the brush No 2.
Then I took this color from my 120 Eyeshadow Palette applied it right over the CG with the brush No 1 witch made it pop up really nicely. The palette doesn't have any color marks but it was a peach-orange matte color as you can see.

 After that I just took this brownish-orange, also matte. color and applied it right into my outer crease with the brush No 1, as you can see in the picture above.
And because the first color in the crease was more orange than brow, I just took this darker orange-brown color and using the brush No 3 applied it into my crease.
I just blended it all in with the brush No 1 so there were no harsh lines.
On the end I used this color and the No 2 brush to highlight my brow-bone and the inter corner of my eye and I was done with the eyeshadow.
For the mascara on my top lashes I used Maybelline The Rocket mascara in black, and for my bottom lashes I used the Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara in color number 12, Gilded Khaki, witch is just a dark gold color.

And the look is done!
I really hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial and that it was helpful to you. If you have any question leave them below, share this blog and become a follower.

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