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Before we start the intro, I have to APOLOGIZE for not posting for three and a half days. I've been out of town, as you may or may not know, so I didn't post but yesterday I've had some technical difficulties so I wasn't able to post then neither. I'm am SO SORRY.
As you know for us beauty & fashion bloggers BTS season starts a little early so the first one I decided to post are these tips & tricks. I hope you enjoy them and that you don't hate me for not posting.
Eyeliners Problems

Sometimes, we all forget that we don't have any eyeliner left and we have decided to wear some whatever the cost. Do you have water? Color pencils? In that case you are safe.
Introducing the pencil liners (lip and eye). They're easy to make, even easier to use and completely safe for your skin. 
To learn how to to this click this link.
Can't Pick a Lipstick In The Morning? No prob! 

We all sometimes can't pick the right lipstick in the morning, but have no time to try them on. Sometimes even looking at it isn't enough. 

Well, luckily for you I came up with a solution! Just take a clean paper or a napkin and write out the color/brand names of your lipsticks. Now try them on and leave a lip-mark above every name. Now, you can just take your swatches and choose the perfect one for your outfit.
I underlined the names with the color and since, I also added my lip-glosses, made a brush mark next to the swatch. This way I know what is a lipstick and what is a gloss.

Suck At Applying Lipstick When In Hurry? 

Well, we all have our downfalls. But I got you girl! I came up with a solution to this problem and when I realized how easy and simple it is I was MIND BLOWN. 
Just apply your lipstick the night before. But, Mia, won't it come off while we sleep? 
No, don't apply it to your lips. That would be just silly. 
Then, where, oh, where will we apply it Mia?
On some paper. But not any paper. Greaseproof paper. You can find it in your kitchen or just ask your mom, I'm sure she'll have some. It looks like white greasy paper and will solve your lipstick problems. Just cut one or more little shapes and apply lipstick on it. Make sure to stay true to your lip shape, or you can just place the paper on your lips and over it apply lipstick.

Now just leave it on your vanity or in a drawer and in the morning just press it on your lips. If you want the color to be more pigmented simply press the paper a few more times on your lips and blend it by pressing the one lip against the other. Easy? I think so. 

No Time To Wash Your Hair?

Sometimes we all forget to wash our hair before going to bed and we aren't really the morning-shower people. I have medium length hair and I need two hours to be done with my hair. Waking up at 5a.m. is NOT  a option. No way. won't do it. 
And if you don't ever have any dry shampoo left you are convicted to having shit-hair the entire day. Or are you?
Two words for you my friends, BABY POWDER. 

Just apply it to your roots before going to bed and your hair will be nice and not greasy in the morning. But if you forget to do it before bed, don't worry, the morning is just fine too. #HAIRONFLEEK my friends. hair on fleek.

Brushes get too dirty too fast?

Using your brushes for the black eyeshadows wasn't really that god of an idea, now was it? As sual, I got you my friends. Take your brushes and wash them with whatever you use on them. I like using shampoo because it makes them last longer. Now just rinse everything out and take some hair conditioner. If your brushes really get too dirty use the conditioner for greasy hair but on mine I use one for highly damaged  hair and it works just fine. Now do exactly what you did before. Apply some on your palm and roughly rub the brush against it. Do the same to the others and rinse them out nicely. 
Now the product won't stick so much to the brush and they'll be a lot easier to wipe off. 
You can do this to your eyeshadow brushes as well as your powder and foundation brushes. No damage can be done, right? 

I hope you enjoyed these back to school beauty hacks and that this year will be a lot easier to survive. Before you go I need to ask you a  big  favor. I'm having some trouble with google friend connect so I need to ask you do my Join This Blog widgets work well? Click this link and please let me know in the comments below!
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