L.A. Girl Blush Collection Palette | Review & First Impressions & Swatches

Well this is a part of my Amazon order I told you guys about. I ordered it in color Pinky but you can actually choose from a few. If you want to get this blush, click this link.
I used it only once so these are more of my first impressions than a proper review. But, enjoy!
So the first thing a thought when I opened it was that it was quite big. What I didn't like is that the package/boy isn't plastic but is made out of cardboard. The part were the blushes, bronzer and highlighter are s plastic tho.
Also if you are thinking of buying this color you really need to look and realize how pink it is. The darker blush is hot pink. Like, very pink. The lighter one is pretty though.
The bronzer is too pink for my opinion. It doesn't look like it is but when you apply it you really notice the pigment. 
The highlighter is very sparkly but it is pretty good.
 This is how it looks when you open it

You have a little mirror above the clear space and it has a magnet I think so you have to hold the top or it'll close.

So as you can see it is really pretty the entire package is really nice. The blushes are really good for the cheap price I payed for them. The bronzer is, as I said, more bushy than bronzery but it is also pretty good. The highlighter does the job it's supposed to.

Here're the swatches :
Now you can see how the colors look.

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  1. L.A. Girl Blush Collection Palette review should be positive because I myself is a regular user of this palette and it works amazingly. After purchasing this palette, i enevr need to divert my choice.


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