7 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Makeup Collection

As you know there are some stuff every girl NEEDS in her makeup collection. I chose seven of things I have that I think every girl must have in her makeup collection. Let's see what picked out...

1. A tinted lip balm

A tinted lip balm is a MUST when it comes to makeup collections. There a lot of colors to choose from, but you got to.  The product I picked out for you is Baby Lips by Maybelline NY in the color Pink Punch, but you can choose from many colored and not colored balms.
 What i love about it is the fact that it looks pretty and is so good for your lips. It makes them soft and beautiful so it is perfect.
If you want to buy this balm and you like in Serbia, click this link. And If you live anywhere else and want to buy it click this link.

2. A Kabuki Brush

There are so many kinds of kabuki brushes t choose from, but you don't need them all.  I have set of kabukis witch includes a flat kabuki, a round kabuki, an angled flat kabuki, and an angled round kabuki. You only need one tho.
These are two of the ones I have, I got them in a 10 brush pack on Amazon (here) and they were better than great for the price. Kabuki brushes are essential because they can be used for anything. Ones I have have aren't the small ones but the ones with a longer handle,  but yo can also buy the tiny ones.

3. A good mascara

This is just a must. No need to explain, am I right?
I prefer mascaras with silicon bushes but you can choose what you like. My pic for the perfect mascara is my favorite mascara of all time, The Rocket Volum' Express Macara by Maybelline,
If you want to buy this mascara go to your local drug-store or click this link. 

4. A black nail polish

Another one than needs no explanation nor introduction. Heard of a little black dress? Well it doesn't work without the little thing called black nail polish. There are multiple brands to choose from but O.P.I., Essie, China Glaze are the ones I'd recommend.
I have a few and really use them a lot. What else can I say except- go buy some!

6. A beauty blender

There are so many different types of beauty blenders to choose from. You can buy The Original Beauty Blender if you want to (here), but it's more or less 20$. I bought a dupe on Amazon and it is pretty good. You can, of course, buy a Real Techniques beauty sponge if you want to (here) or search the good old Amazon for the one that suits you.

I got these to on, as I said, Amazon, an they're, as I said, pretty good. You obviously have to use them damp. If you want to get the ones I did click this link.

7.  A EOS balm

We all need lip balms, right? Well these are the best balms you can get. They are natural, organic, smell good and actually taste good (so random).  They make your lips soft and smooth and simply flawless,
I have five of these beauties and I'll never regret buying them. If you want to buy a E.O.S. ( evolution of smooth) lip balm click this link.

Those are the seven things you simply need in your makeup collection. No, who am I kidding? In your life! Tell me below how many do you have and how many are you (not) going to buy for your MC. Make sure to join this blog and follow me on Bloglovin' and twitter. And, also, we've reached 500+ page views! Thank you so much for all the support and stay well.

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  1. This is good and interesting post, I don't know much about make up stuff and this blog gave me some understanding of it. Thank you for sharing it


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