How To Fill In Your Eyebrows? Easy and Minimum Products & Skills

First I want to apologize for not posting yesterday. I went to the mall and I was there the entire day and when I came back it was dark and I couldn't have taken pictures so I decided to over post today. So, stay tuned because I have some surprises coming up today on this blog!
Filling in our eyebrows... Sometimes a torture and a battle with perfection, today a path through roses to the eyebrows on fleek.

Before we get into the tutorial, I'll just quickly tell you what you need for eyebrows on fleek.
You need to have an eyebrow comb. One I have is from a drug store and it's called KillyS Eyebrow Salon Results. I got it for four or three dollars and it is pretty good. Then you need something to fill them in. You can use eyebrow wax, an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow shadow (I think that's what you call it) or simply as I did, eyeshadow. If you use eyeshadow you'll have pretty good results, more space on your vanity and it is same as eyebrow shadow that you get in a pack with the wax. I don+t like using wax just because it isn't easy to wash and doesn't look natural. And it is also too hard to apply nicely.

My skin looks like I'm sick or something so I'm sorry about that. I'm not. I'm fine don't you worry about me.
First i just like to brush my eyebrows, using the black part of my brush, vertically- from down upwards. Then using the plastic part I bend down the hair that is too long, starting at the middle and working my way towards the end. It is a lot easier to fill your eyebrows this way and they'll really end up looking pref.

For my eyebrows I always use the same brush witch is this small one from Elizabeth Arden. For filling them I always use a eyeshadow from Avon just because I think it suits me but you can use what ever you like.
Start filling your brows in right where they start to narrow. If you have a eyebrow shape that isn't similar to mine, start filling them in where they start to get a bold shape. This will help us make our eyebrows look more natural.

Now let's fill in the blank.
Draw a straight line under the beginning that we left uncolored. Now start drawing the shadow from the bottom line to the top. Do this until you're satisfied with the look. This will make your eyebrows look very beautiful and natural. Try not to make that first line too bold because you don't want your eyebrows to look fake and weird (I have that one friend).
Now just brush through them once more and make them look as desired and you're done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to get eyebrows on fleek how to fill them in. Make sure to stay tuned today and tomorrow for some pretty dope stuff. Follow me on Bloglovin', Google+, Twitter and share/like/pin my blog on the left side of your screen.. See you soon.

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  1. Wow this makes filling eyebrows in look so easy but i swear it is not that easy! tried this way as well but didnt look fine


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