How To Use Kabuki Brushes? 5 Different brushes and 5 Different Uses

In my post 7 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Makeup Collection I said a few things about kabuki brushes. But I realized that many people don't know how to use them, witch was unbelievable
to me because I know exactly how to use each one of them. So i decided to teach you. 
1. Flat Kabuki

The most frequent kabuki, perfect for blending in all that foundation. Don't really know what else there is to say.

2. Flat Rounded Kabuki

Use this to apply your bronzer and make your cheeks look "sunken" and longer. Just make a straight line underneath your cheek bone and your bronzer is done!

3. Flat Angled Kabuki 

Perfect for applying blush. The angle fits perfectly on your cheek bone and will make your blush look flawless.

4. Angled Rounded Kabuki

This one is also perfect for bronzer. But not making your cheekbones longer, but making that lift effect on them. Fit the rounded top underneath your cheek bone and make sharp and bold streaks, blend it out on the end. You'll be happy with the results.

5. Egg-shaped Kabuki

This one is a lot different than other kabuki brushes and its why it's perfect for contouring your nose. Take some bronzer and using the sharp tip apply it on the sides of your nose, underneath it and blend it up to your eyebrows. Not skilled in it? Don't worry, just check out THIS post and learn how to contour your nose in a few minutes!

And now you know how to use all those different kabuki brushes! Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Google+, Join This Blog and also comment below what posts would you like to see next on my blog. And, another thing. my MAKEUP COLLECTION is comming out TOMORROW MORNING! Make sure to check out this blog as soon as you wake up so your the first one to see what I have  in there!

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  1. One of my friend who is make up lover, she was searching for this kind of blog since quite long. This is the best post she can have, related to the Usage of Kabuki Brushes.


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