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Recently I've been trying to improve my skill of contouring and, since I did, I decided to show you the way I do it.
If you want to learn how to make yourself look like a barbie, this  post isn't for you. but if you want to know how to do a light contour on your nose and lips. keep reading!

Let's start with the nose.
I'll just take you through what I've done and tell you for what it is, so you know to do or don't do it, for example if I say it's for your nose to look wider and yours is too wide you won't do it. Color you use should be a shade darer than your skin tone and matte. Let's begin.
P.S. My nose looks bigger in some photos because the option I use on my camera gives a kind of fish eye effect.

The bridge of your nose. This'll make your nose look skinnier and a little bit longer. It'll also give you a better bridge shape if you do it correctly.

Bottom of our bridge. This'll make our nose look a little bit sloppier and longer too.

The place that I don't know the name of. I didn't study noses, sorry ;)
If your nose is wide it'll make it look the pretty wide, not the wide wide (If you have a wide nose like me you'll know what I'm trying to say :/ ) and if your nose isn't wide it'll look wider.

Now you want to blend it all in with a sponge or a beauty blender.
And now onto the highlight.

This you just apply between those two lines of contour, that should be blended in.
And that's it for the nose!
Now, the lips.

Lips are a lot more simple to do than the nose, and what we'll do will make them look fuller and bigger, without over-lining.

First just apply the lipstick/balm/gloss that you want to use. I choose one of my faves, Morning Rose by Rosal , but you just use what you like it doesn't matter.

First we shade the lower lip. If your lips are already slightly full or full, it'll be easy. You just apply the shade right on  the part below your lip as you see on the picture. If your lips aren't like that, you should just paint a straight line were the shade would be if they were.
Then use your finger, sponge or a blending brush to make a transition and blend all the harsh lines in.

Cupid's bow. This will make your upper lip look larger. Just try to keep it natural and for this use a light color, you can use white or just a light nude it doesn't matter, but the lighter color is lips'll look bigger.

Highlighting this area will make your entire lip seem bigger. If you ever saw lips with a lip job done you have noticed the part under were we'll highlight looks fuller than when lips're natural.

This completely optional but I just find it very pretty when this part is a little bit more, lets say, accented. This will also draw attention to your lips more.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If you liked it make sure to check out my other blogs, join this blog and follow me on twitter. If you submit your email on the top right corner of the page you'll never miss another post on my blog. Stay well,

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