My Wish List / Shopping List 2015

So next week I'll probably go to the mall and there are some stuff I want to buy (If I find them), plus, I don't have ONE post about fashion so... Here it is!

1. Sunglasses

I love wearing some fashionable sunglasses but when ever I buy a pair I loose them so I have to buy new ones every year. But whatever, I love shopping.
I'm really a round sunglasses person, even though, because of my head shape, any look good on me.
Last year I had a pair of really pretty Ray Bans, they were round and black, I really loved them.
This year I'll buy some in color - maybe white or beige.
I'm not sure.

2. Sandals

I'm not sure if I'll buy sandals because I have a lot of shoes, I wouldn't have were to put them, but I had t include these because they are so perfectly flawless and just........ yeah.
I saw them in a magazine and ever since I was like - Valentino sandals... give me Valentino sandals...- and stuff.
They have them in various colors and I think I like the gold ones  best. These just go with anything. Dresses, shorts, swimsuit,.... anything.

3. High-Waisted Shorts

This is a must. I never actually wore one but I always kinda wanted to. I'm not sure if I buy a ripped, colored or simple denim one but I'm buying it FOR SURE.

I love them because you can really pair them with anything and they fit into any style. Yeah. Buying that.

4. Elegant Dresses

Isn't this just completely perfect?!
This is a dress from Chanel's Spring Collection 2015 and is just FLAWLESS. The price is probably not really affordable but I'll make sure  to loo for something alike.
A summer without dresses is like winter without gloves: YOU CAN'T SURVIVE. So if your getting ready to go out and buy yourself some new stuff for the (rest) of the summer, just buy a dress. Or more. Or a bunch.
What kind? Well, that's harder to chose. Try them on and see what suits you best and what you like. I personaly love'em all.
You do you and it'll be fine!

5. Crop-Tops 

Another must Must MUST. Crop-tops were always trending, they are trending and they'll BE trending. I'll try to go and buy as much as I can fit in my closet this season. 
There are so many different shapes and lengths and colors and styles... It's hard to chose just one but make sure the one(s) you buy are wearable  and look good on you. 
These can be paired with high-wasted shorts, jeans skirts and low wasted shorts, jeans, skirts... They can also fit into any style too so there is no reason for these beauties not to be found in your closet. 

I hope you enjoyed this little wishlist/shopping list post and that it inspired you to go out have a great time and buy some really nice clothing peaces. If you like my blog make sure to Join This Blog and follow me on Bloglovin' and also comment down below what post would you like to see on my blog! Also click on any of the share buttons on the left side of this post to share this blog with your friends so they can also enjoy reading these posts with you!

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