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I'm trying to make my intros as short as possible but it doesn't seem to be working for me.
I just want to say I won't be home for the weekend and I'm not sure if I'll post, because I didn't bring my makeup with me, but If I have some other ideas I promise I'll write.
Today I decided to talk makeup tips for beginners just because I'm not sure if my tutorials are beginner friendly. I don't really explain exactly what I do, so if you're a beginner or you are just a young person that loves/plans to use makeup in future, this is a post just right for you.

Don't act pro.

Never try to pretend you're one of those pro beauty gurus on youtube. It might look very pretty when they apply a thick cote of super sparkly eyeshadow but, trust me, you don't wanna walk on street like that, unless you are a twenty year old girl that is pro in makeup and is going to a red carpet event.

Go slow.

Don't start with a bold smokey eye or a dramatic liner look. Begin with a nude eyeshadow or just mascara and maybe some thin eyeliner, if you really want to. Use some concealer and brow color for the start and go slowly to other.

 Be age appropriate.

I know I either sound like your mom or like a weird kid telling a month older kid to act their age but really. If you go to school with to much makeup yo could laughed at or, even worse, some of your teachers might call you out. Once in school a teacher called out a girl because she wore makeup. And trust me, I saw her, you don't want to be in the situation.

Get informed.

Get informed on what kind of foundation should  you use. If you have oily skin use compact powder and if yours is dry use liquid foundation. I presonally have oily to normal skin and I use mattifying liquid foundation and it works great, but you should also ask your mom or someone in your family because you probably have the same skin type and they know what'll work the best.
Also learn what color of eyeshadow suits you best, do you prefer long or thick lashes and stuff like that. Just be patient and don't start wit no knowledge because you won't have any good experience with that.

Eyeshadow tips.

As I said, in my tutorials I don't explain exactly what I do so here are some tips for beginners.
For a base, us a fluffly blush.
For better pigment, use a synthetic brush and for more natural look use natural ones.
For "cornering" and "rounding your crease use a small brush, and then blend it in.
Always blend! I know that all the "pros" apply very thick layers of eyeshadow but I just don't think that looks good and/or natural. my opinion only though.
Never apply the crease color too high! You will look very bad and weird. Also, you'll look like you're sick. Who whats that? Not me.

Blush & Bronzer tips.

Bronzer goes under your cheek boner, on your fore head, on the sides of your nose and on your jaw line. Blush goes on your cheek bones. Blushes are optional, I always change my routines so should you. Different is better, right?

Foundation tips.

Always and ALWAYS blend in your foundation nicely, and blend some towards your neck too. This will help you so you never look like you have a face mask.
Use your fingers or a sponge to blend in your foundation, and if you really want to use a brush, buy a really good quality one. Bad brushes will leave streaks and that is NOT nice.
Find the right foundation color! If your foundation is darker or lighter you will look very weird an it will be easy to see your foundation and that won't look nice. If you really can'r find the exact shade take the lighter shade. It's better  that darker, that's for sure.

I hope these tips were helpful to you  and that you like my entire blog too.If you do make sure to join this blog and follow me on bloglovin'. Also check out my other blogs and stay well until next time.

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