Pretty Summer Peach Eye Makeup Look With Round Crease | Easy & Simple

I know I already posted today but i decided to post this look too as a special treat for you guys for three reasons. One, The first post was a really unusual makeup look and on my blog you are used to seeing regular everyday makeup tutorials (when it comes to makeup looks) , so I thought that one of my my readers might want to see this too. Two, I thought I had a similar tutorial but I actually don't (unless my everyday makeup, but this is a improved version of the eye look) and so I decided to post it (obviously ). And three is that I'm not sure if I'll post tomorrow because I'm traveling home and I have plans for the day. You never know tho, I may surprise you with a big post ;)
If you want to know how I got this easy peachy and summery look keep reading.

And before we start I just want to apologize for my horrible under-eyes, I didn't sleep well and I woke up really early, spent a lot of time writing and capturing my other post (click here to see it) so.. yeah.
For the base I used this very light peachy color from my, yet again, 120 Eyeshadow Palette witch I obviously use A LOT.

And now I needed that round crease color. I chose this darker peach color with a slight brown tone in it. I just moved a fluffy brush in a round motion until I was happy with how it looked.
I also added some white eyeshadow in the inner corners of eyes (pic above) but it i completely optional.
Now, onto the mascara. I decided not to wear black mascara and put my Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara in Gilded Khaki witch I've been using a lot in my tutorials lately.
And the look is done!
I am really proud of this look, I think it' one of my bests. It looks really natural and it goes great with my pale skin too. In the comments below let me know if yo liked this look and If you'd like to see more nude eye&makeup looks or are you a fan of bold colorful very different looks? As I said, let me know in the comments below and tell me, do you think I should wear this more often because as I said, I really LOVE this makeup look. And also tell me if you lie it when I post a lot or if you'd prefer if I posted more rare?

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