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As always I wanted to do something different for you guys today and I chose to test out these two green shades, again, from my 120 Eyeshadow Palette and, before we get into the look, I have some news.
As you you already, may or may not, know I am on a trip and tomorrow I'm going home (yay!). Because I already promised you a Makeup Collection I decided to do that since my order came in while I was away (I ordered makeup organizers). And in the same order I have some new makeup I wanna do reviews on, do some new and different makeup loos... A lot of exciting stuff are coming up next week is what you need to know.
Now, let's get into this mermaid inspired look!

As usual we need to apply the color we chose for our base. I used this light grass green color and applied it right on my top lid with a synthetic eyeshadow brush, because those for some reason bring up the pigment more than soft, natural ones

.I didn't add the arrows this time (sorry) but I used the bottom green in the middle of the product pic.
And now we just need that dark cut crease green color. One I used is a great color for shadowing the light green one. You should try to use the colors from the same palette or the same brand because they blend in nicely and just go together beautifully .
I blended my colors in because these are some VERY pigmented eyeshadows and it just looked too dark and unnatural on my eyes but yo can leave it as yo like. Maybe someone would blend the colors in more, who knows.
If you're going for a more dramatic eye look you can add some green or even black eyeliner, I'm sure it'd look great, but I left mine home as I said in one of my last posts.
Now just apply some mascara and you are all done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did make sure to check out my other makeup looks by clicking the button on the top of the page. you can now follow me on BLOGLOVIN'  by clicking the button on top of the page. Make sure to join my blog and comment below what looks would you like to see on my blog!

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