L'oreal Paris New Extraordinary Oil - Review

Ever since I've started ironing my hair I started to notice it's getting, like, really dry, so I've been using oils and like six conditioners to repair the damage. Last week I got this oil and I decided to do a review on it, since it is a relatively new product.

The first thing I noticed about this is the smell of it, witch is pretty pleasant but it doesn't last for too long once you've applied it to your hair. To my hair, witch is medium to long length, I apply two pumps of this product, but I'm sure one would also be separated on it pretty easily.
The consistency of the product is very liquidy, witch can be good or bad depending on the person. For example, the Maroccan Oil Treatment is a lot more thick and oily than this. The Extraordinary Oil also has no pigment, At all. 
When you put it on your hair yo notice that some wisps look very greasy and shiny, but once you comb your hair it soaks up the product and leaves your hair nice and soft.
I have used this two or three times on my hair already, right after ironing it each time, and I do notice my hair getting a little softer.
Should you buy this product? Yes, It is a very good oil, in it it has combined six others and Ithink it will do a great job preventing any further damage on my hair.

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If any of you were wondering, I am going to be doing New Year related posts, as I said in my previous blog. I don't want to tell you exactly what it is, but I will say that one of the posts will be a new year's makeup tutorial....

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  1. Loreal is my favourite and most trusted brand and I use its products without a second thought, expecting amazing results. I am really proud of the way the brand has established itself.


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