Essence Eye (Kajal?!) Pencil Review - Black & White

So, I don't know what kajal means... But that is the name of this product so I still put it in the title.
We are getting closer to the New Year!!! I just wanted to tell you guys exactly what NY themed blogs  will be posting so you know where to look if you need these.
On the twenty fifth I have an event so I will be doing my nails - fake nails at home DIY; and I will be filming a makeup tutorial. The colors will most likely be mauves and nudes so you know what to expect. If anyone was wandering why am I not doing more tuts, it's because they are very hard to picture properly and take awfully long to edit. But, I am working on one other apart from the New Years tutorial s don't worry.
Now lets review the eye pencil....

As I am writing this I keep swatching both of the colors I own on the back of my hand, even though I've had them for months. I am pretty sure this is the ONLY review I will have ever done in witch I say the product completely SUCK. They suck. Terrible . I know.
Their texture is very greasy, they are literally like crayons for your face. They are oily and crease a lot, the white one doesn't last on your water line at all, and they are just unusable. Unless you are a five year old going to a costume ball.

I don't want to cut this short so I will talk some more about my experience and why I hate these so much.
As I said, when you apply them to your lower lid for example, they will be all over your under eyes in, like, five hours, even if you bake your under-eye area and set everything with a setting powder, I experienced this on my skin for all of you who are reading this so simply DON'T DO IT.
The white pencil is not really pigmented, but for the very very very low price I thought that was okay. The problem is - it doesn't stick to your water line. And if you apply it in your inner tear-duck it will crease and you'll look messy. Again, don't do it.
I remember that when I bought them this summer I thought they were jut very melted because it was truly a HOT one. But it is December so, yeah, no excuses.
Once, I also tried using these instead of my graphic liner because I thought the texture was fitting; but guess what? It doesn't last. And it creases. A lot.

I love essence products but these are just not as good as the rest of them so no. Don't buy these, as I said a thousand times in this post.
I will keep these around for a Halloween or something like that, but yeah. No.

If anyone is wandering - Well, why worry about the two or four dollars you spent on these?- I don't care about that. I invest in product that are a lot better than what I review on this blog ( witch I try to keep as drugstore as possible btw) and what I care about is how other bloggers sweet-talk their readers into buying these. Because they simply suck. Sorry.

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