Essence Lipliner First Impressions + Where have I been?!

I could make this intro last forever but I will cut it very short. First, I had technical difficulties,  then school started and I was occupied. Then I had to fix my grades and then I was waiting for Google Friend Connect to be king enough to work, but no. It didn't. So, if you have any problem with joining this blog, blame them. And, I am so sorry for not posting. I will try to post as often as I can manage.
You can expect another review/first impressions until the end of the week. I am also preparing some New year's eve advice and tutorials for you so I can't wait until it's time for you to see that. Now, let's talk about this lip pen.

Today I went to the drug store to buy a new foundation ( I may do a review on it soon) and, being a shopaholic I am, decided to get a cheep item to round my price (not sure if that's a good sentence, if not correct me in the comments below). I gazed over to the Essence section of my drug store and saw this. I realised I needed a new lip product. As soon as I swatched 06 satin mauve on my hand I new it was what I needed and proceeded to the cash register.
When you apply this liner on your lips you feel that it is very dry and hard. For me, that isn't a bad thing because I think it makes it easier to get a sharp line. If you don't prefer so and like it when your lip liner just glides on, don't buy this.
The pigmentation is not bad, it isn't super pigmented neither but for the price of 1$ it is great.
As for the colors, I didn't explore too much. The first one I picked p was 12 Wish Me Rose, which is a barbie pink color. When I swatched it I saw it was very pigmented, but it just wasn't what I was looking for.
 I matched it with my Rosal lip balm in the color Morning Rose, witch I'm sure I mentioned before on this blog.
If you are looking for a very cheap and good liner this is for you.
I have not had many experience with high-end lip liners except my Elizabeth Arden liner I have in the color taupe, witch I love, but I am sure even the Chanel ones aren't worth the price.
I suggest you to save some money on the lip pencil and invest in a high end lip stick, because lip pencils don't last for too long any way.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you aren't upset about my four month break.
I promise I will now post at least once or twice a week. I will also do some story time tipe blogs and what not. I just think it would be a good thing to try, just to see how it goes. 

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