Pastel Vintage Inspiration + Huge Apology

Hey! So let me start of with the apology. I didn't post I KNOW  and that's because tomorrow I'm traveling to Greece and staying for a week. I *gasp* won't post until the NEXT weekend *another gasp* . I wasn't planing to post today neither but I decided I really had too. Really. So here is a pastel-vintage Inspiration post. Enjoy and forgive xo.

So I just downloaded a few photos of Tumblr and here they are:

 I hope seeing these make you feel inspired and NOT angry with m, because, I know, I've really been a bitch.

2 коментара:

  1. The pictures seem amazing. Truly a source of inspiration for someone like me. I would recommend everyone to go through this blog once. Will keep on following it in the future.

  2. You have covered almost all the fashion elements in thia post. From dresses to make up and to shoes. Seems you have a great taste and sense for fashion and buildings. I will be waiting for your next post


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