The Flawless Coconut | Use It To Be Flawless

So, I've been thinking about a new interesting topic to write about, and I decided to talk about The Flawless Coconut. In this post you will find out multiple uses of coconut, more specifically, how to use coconut to be completely FLAWLESS.


| Beauty |

Coconut can be used in many ways, witch includes beauty. 

-It can be used as a fantastic makeup remover. I always use coconut oil to remove my mascara and it does wonders, trust me. It is also very moisturizing.

- Coconut oil makes the best lip balm ever. Just apply it onto your lips using a cutip and your lips'll be smooth and soft.

-You can also put it on your hair. If you apply it on the tips of your hair before drying it it will help any dry or split ends you might have, and your hair'll be very soft.

- Teeth whitening. Using a cutip dipped in coconut oil, rub it onto your teeth for a few minutes. Leave it on as long as you can ( no rinsing out) and your teeth'll be slightly whiter after every use.

| Health |

- For detox. Coconut water and coconut milk are very good for cleaning your body, inside and outside.

- It is also very tasty. You can add it to your coffee, tea or any smoothie or milk shake. It will give it a nice flavour and will be super healthy too!

- Another idea is to dip fruit into it. Lately I've been dipping banana pieces into it.It tastes super awesome and is also good for you.

| Weight Loss |

-Coconut helps your body burn calories and loose fat. You can drink coco milk, use coco oil for cooking or just add it to foods and drinks. This will help your body fight fat, as I said, and your weight loss process will be a lot faster. 

Including coconut (oil, milk, water..) into your eating schedule will help your hair, skin, figure and health. 

 I hope I helped you learn about importance of it in your life.
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