Simple Champagne Lid + Shiny Lip | Ariana Grande Inspired Makeup Tutorial

So, you guys liked my Kylie Jenner - Get The Look post, so I wanted to do a Ariana Grande Get The Look, but I am on a short trip and I forgot to bring my eyeliners. So, instead of Get The Look I'm doing a Inspired Look.If you want learn how I got this look, stay tuned!

Before we get to the lid, we should color our eye brows. Since it is like 1000 degrees here, I didn't really pay as much attention on my brows as I should so please just ignore the way they look. If you want me to do a blog on how I do my eyebrows every day comment down below.
For filling them in I just used this brown eyeshadow from the Avon Mocha Latte Eyeshadow Quad.

And now we can get to the lid.
For my base I used this Cover Girl Champagne Eyeshadow. I applied it on my entire lid using a slightly wet brush, this really made the color pop and be a lot more pigmented, since Ariana had super sparkly lid on the look I was trying to "get inspired" by.

 After that picture was taken I just went in with a few more layers to make it more pigmented.
The second step is to apply a color into our crease. I used the color No 3 from the Avon Quad. Apply it all the way in your crease. I didn't put on too much but if you're going for a more dramatic look you definitely should apply more.
 Ariana had some really dramatic liner going on, but since I forgot mine at home (way to go miss I never forget a thing ), I decided to use matte black eyeshadow. You just want to apply it with a small brush were you'd normally apply your eyeliner, or you can just use eye liner. After you wing your eye out with that shadow / liner, you want to put some on your bottom lash line and the inner crease of your eye. When you're done, it should look something like this:
 When you are happy with the way your lid looks apply some mascara. I used my favorite mascara of all time - The Rocket Volum' Express by Maybelline in black.

Excuse my horrible GIF attempt.

Now the lips. Ariana had a shiny clear gloss on her lips, so I decided to use my XXXL Shine LipGloss by Essence in color Clear.( The window was on my left so I have weird shadow above my lip, it's not mustache xD)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you did make sure to join this blog by clicking the button on the left side of the page, click the link above it to follow me on twitter and submit your email above that to never miss an update on this blog again!

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